If there is one masterclass to attend this year, then make it...

ISGE - ETCA Masterclass

Hysteroscopy & Ultrasound

Building Bridges

October 21 - October 22, ETCA - ZNA Campus Stuivenberg Antwerp - Belgium

Ready to learn the newest tools, techniques and guidelines

on Hysteroscopy & Ultrasound

during lectures, different workshops and live Benetec Samsung Ultrasound sessions.

Join us at this much awaited version of the Masterclass.

Places are limited, first pay first serve.

Accreditation has been requested.

Course Directors

Dr Bart De Vree

Antwerp - Belgium

Dr Tjalina Hamerlynck

Ghent - Belgium

Dr Wouter Froyman

Leuven - Belgium

Dr Thierry Van Den Bosch

Leuven - Belgium

Honorary course Directors

Em Prof Dr

Bruno J van Herendael

Antwerp - Belgium

Prof Dr

Dirk Timmerman

Leuven - Belgium


Newest Developments

and Up-to-date novelties

In this two-day Masterclass we will focus both on the newest

developments in hysteroscopy and the most up-to-date novelties

in the field of gynaecological ultrasound.


Hands-on/practical exercises Hysteroscopy

Both Friday and Saturday afternoon are entirely dedicated to hands-on / practical exercises. No more than two participants will be assigned to each working station and s/he will be closely supervised by the experienced faculty.

Silicone uterine models

The training in hysteroscopy includes the HYSTT model of +he Academy, polyp resection with scissors and grasper on the

bellpepper model and polyp/myoma resection with bipolar

resectoscope and with Bigatti shaver on silicone uterine models.

Virtual Reality Simulator exercises

A range of ‘nearly live’ hysteroscopic procedures can be practiced on the Karl Storz Virtual Reality Simulator for Gynecology.

Practical exercises Ultrasound

The ultrasound practical session uses Volutracer O.P.U.S. transvaginal simulators. It is an ultrasound learning system with real ultrasound cases; the participants scan the given cases as if scanning the actual patient.

Also several high-end ultrasound machines are present and are commented by the expert instructors.

Friday, October 21 - programme

08:30 Welcome/registration

09:15 Introduction - B De Vree

09:25 Hysteroscopic myomectomy: past, present and the future - B J van Herendael – B De Vree

09:45 Confrontation: pre-op assessment of fibroids before hysteroscopic treatment

Ultrasound - W Froyman

Hysteroscopy - B De Vree

10:25 How do we evaluate the pre-operative sarcoma risk? - C De Bruyn

10:45 Evaluation of the pre-operative sarcoma risk – some challenging cases - T Van Den Bosch

11:00 Alternative energies in the treatment of fibroids: when is Sonata® an option? R de Leeuw - VUmc Amsterdam

11:20 Ryeqo® - an alternative to surgery in the treatment of symptomatic fibroids - Speaker to be confirmed

11:40 Discussion

12:00 Lunch - visit to the exibitors & sponsors

13:00 - 13:30 Benetec - Samsung session - Live ultrasound cases - T Van Den Bosch, W Froyman, C De Bruyn, A-S Maryns

13:30 - 17:00 Workshops Hysteroscopy & Ultrasound

GROUP A: Workshop Hysteroscopy

13:30 - 13:50 What's new in hysteroscopic instrumentation - B De Vree

14:00 - 17:00 Workshop (rotation through a series of 10 stations using models and virtual-reality training systems)

GROUP B: Workshop Ultrasound

13:30 - 13:50 What's new in gyneacological ultrasound - W Froyman

14:00 - 17:00 Workshop (rotation through several 'nearly live' cases/exercises using volutracer O.P.U.S. transvaginal simulators)

Saturday, October 22 - programme

08:30 Welcome

09:15 Diagnosis of the uterine septum - strengths and weaknesses of the different classification systems - D Van Schoubroeck

09:35 Case Reports (endometrial pathology/premalignant - malignant lesions) - K Dewilde

09:50 Confrontation: diagnosis in the patient with abnormal uterine bleeding (premalignant – malignant endometrial lesions)

Ultrasound - T Van Den Bosch

Hysteroscopy - B De Vree

10:30 Niches in 2022 – which niches do we have to treat and through which surgical route? - J Huirne - VUmc Amsterdam

10:50 Confrontation: diagnosis and treatment of RPOC (retained products of conception)

Ultrasound - E Roets

Hysteroscopy- T Hamerlynck

11:30 Discussion

12:00 Lunch - visit to the exibitors & sponsors

13:00 - 13:30 Benetec - Samsung session - Live ultrasound cases - T Van Den Bosch, W Froyman, C De Bruyn, A-S Maryns

13:30 - 17:00 Workshops Hysteroscopy & Ultrasound

GROUP B: Workshop Hysteroscopy

13:30 - 13:50 What’s new in hysteroscopic instrumentation - B De Vree

14:00 – 17:00 Workshop (rotation through a series of 10 stations using models and virtual-reality training systems)

GROUP A: Workshop Ultrasound

13:30 – 13:50 What’s new in gynaecological ultrasound - W Froyman

14:00 – 17:00 Workshop (rotation through several ‘nearly live’ cases/exercises using Volutracer O.P.U.S. transvaginal simulators)

This programme may still be subject to change.


M Auzin

M Bekaert

J Bosteels

C De Bruyn

R de Leeuw

B De Vree

K Dewilde

W Froyman

T Hamerlynck

J Huirne

A-S Maryns

E Roets

T Slangen

M Struyven

B Tas

F Van Avermaete

S Van Calenbergh

F Van Avermaete

T Van Den Bosch

B van Herendael

D Van Schoubroeck

S Van Wessel

R Vanspauwen

Who is this Masterclass for?

All MD Ob/Gyn

VVOG members

ISGE members


(limited number)

What is the ETCA cancellation policy?


A credit for a future ETCA course or a refund of the inscription fee – reduced by 30 EUR administrative costs - can be requested by emailing us at info@etca.be at the latest 14 days before the start of the course. No refunds or credits are granted for notification of cancellation after 13 days before the course.

What if you are ill the day of the course?

If a participant falls ill and is unable to attend, she/he can send another person in her/his place, and notify the ETCA in advance. If a replacement cannot be found, the ETCA will provide a credit (with no penalties) for a future course to be used within 2 years from the date of the program she/he was unable to attend. Refunds will not be given.

Rescheduling courses because of a health mandate - COVID-19 or other.

If the ETCA is unable to deliver an open enrollment course due to city/provincial/federal health mandates, site hosts cancelling use of their facilities, gathering restrictions or other reasons out of the control of the ETCA, pre-paid registrants will receive an email with a new rescheduled date for their course.

The following guidelines will apply if this occurs:

1. The pre-paid registrant is required to contact the ETCA to let us know if you can attend the newly scheduled course dates within 2 weeks from receiving the notification email.

2. If you cannot attend the newly scheduled date, we will provide you a credit to be used for a future ETCA course for a 2 year time period.

3. If you do not notify us of not attending within 2 weeks before the course, no credits will be given. As participant groups are always limited it is important for the ETCA to know if we can accept another colleague from the waiting list.

What is the address where the masterclass takes place and do you have a map?

ZNA Stuivenberg, Lange Beeldekensstraat 267, 2060 Antwerp

Is there a hotel in the immediate vicinity of ZNA Stuivenberg?

Antwerp is a small city with a well-developed public transport system. You can choose any hotel in the city centre

Can I get to ZNA Stuivenberg with public transportation?

The closest stations to Stuivenberg are:

Antwerp Elisabeth Metro is 117 meters away, 2 min walk.

Antwerpen Handelsteeg is 291 meters away, 5 min walk.

Antwerp Ellermanstraat is 632 meters away, 9 min walk.

These Bus lines stop near Stuivenberg: 17, 30, 610, 640, 720, 87.

These Tram lines stop near Stuivenberg: 2, 3, 5, 6.

Arriving by car?

You will receive a ticket from the organisation for the My Park Stuivenberg parking, Somméstraat 12a, 2060 Antwerp. This parking is at not even at a 100-meter walking distance from the ZNA Stuivenberg hospital.

Need an invitation letter?

Drop us a line at karlienvanherendael@gmail.com

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